The Trouble with Fear

HypnoBirthing of CT Client, Jessica, who naturally birthed her footling breech baby

During labor and delivery it is very important that the birthing mother be treated with the utmost respect and kindness by everyone in her presence. When this doesn’t happen, she will experience external and internal physiological responses to the stress she is experiencing (e.g. making fists, squeezing eyes closed, clenching teeth). This is a result of fear and tension; it’s evidence she is secreting adrenaline in place of oxytocin – something that only happens when she doesn’t feel completely safe and calm. Unfortunately, this is what many women have come to expect in childbirth, even though avoiding such tension is entirely possible.

When a laboring mammal is under stress:

✓ The baby ceases to receive optimal oxygen levels through the bloodstream – potentially resulting in fetal distress;

✓ The cervix constricts; this is nature’s way of protecting the baby from entering an environment where the mother feels unsafe; and

✓ Birth stalls, giving doctors the cue to perform a surgical birth due to “failure to progress” — now the #1 reason for surgical births in the U.S.

In our society, birth is typically portrayed as traumatic or comedic. It doesn’t have to be either. Even as young girls, we are conditioned to fear childbirth. We are told childbirth is complicated, painful, even life-threatening.

Do you believe this is serving today’s pregnant women? It isn’t.

Nature has designed the birthing process to be extraordinarily safe and successful. When special circumstances arise, we benefit greatly from our medical caregivers. But how can we know when medical intervention is truly increasing the likelihood of a safer outcome?

The Premise of HypnoBirthing

The premise of HypnoBirthing is that fear and tension cause pain. It is an evidence-based course that prepares you to make the right decisions for yourself, no matter what course your labor may take. A key portion of the class is dedicated to teaching women to give birth while remaining calm and in control through labor and delivery.

Get inspired and become informed.

Restore yourself to a deep sense of trust in your birthing body. It is both the most grounding and exciting process a woman can know.