You may work privately with Cynthia at any point through pregnancy and postpartum.

Quick support when you need it.

Book a 30-min time block to discuss anything with Cynthia prenatally or postpartum, such as, “What are my options with a breech baby?” or “My provider is recommending induction and I don’t know I should wait.”

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $95

Private, Comprehensive Birth-Prep Intensive

This exclusive session is the ideal “crash course” solution for those with limited preparation time or for women or couples seeking an exceptionally tailored and personalized educational experience. Tailored specifically for you and your partner, our session kicks off by creating a customized plan for our session based on your responses to a series of questions, which we’ll go through and discuss together in our first 10 minutes. We’ll also take the time to thoroughly develop and/or review your birth plan, offering extensive research on the multitude of choices you may encounter during labor, delivery, and postpartum. You’ll master physiologic and breathing techniques to maintain elevated oxytocin levels during labor and combat the most common causes of fetal distress, plus you’ll learn effective breath and positioning methods for birthing your baby efficiently. This session is designed to enhance your emotional resilience, guiding you in shifting anxious thoughts into positive visualizations. Experience a profound sense of relief and empowerment, bringing you one step closer to approaching birth with confidence, calmness, and readiness.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $795

Optional Ad-On:

Full group HypnoBirthing course taught live, with custom affirmations and package of review materials, plus self-hypnosis audio downloads: $300 (Valued at $700)

Private, Comprehensive Birth-Prep + Complete HypnoBirthing Course

Cost: $1,095

Optimizing Life After Birth

Postpartum education, support and strategies for couples seeking an easier postpartum. Couples are encouraged to do this at any point postpartum throughout the first year. We will discuss how couples’ communication can break down (stemming from exhaustion, resentment, overwhelm), how to ease household responsibilities, and ways in which you can check in on each other emotionally and mentally. You’ll understand what’s underneath the grand the misconception that hormones are the primary cause of postpartum depression, and you’ll see that most of the factors causing PPD and anxiety are related to lifestyle above all. The good news is, research has powerfully demonstrated PPD can be reduced in both duration and intensity, and even avoided entirely, with the right professional support and when couples prioritize the basic, emotional and social needs of the mother. Cynthia’s years of working with hundreds of women through her weekly postpartum support group, coupled with her professional training through Postpartum Support International as a postpartum support specialist, will provide you with the knowledge, real-world examples and strategies that consistently result in an improvement in the lives of postpartum women and couples.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $495


Bonus: This session comes with four weeks' attendance in Cynthia's postpartum support group at no charge.