HypnoBirthing Classes:
The Complete 15-Hour Course

Your birth story isn’t predetermined. From the moment labor begins, you can Influence your birth experience with techniques that maintain high endorphins and ensure optimal comfort and ease. Any stress or tension women experience during labor can trigger adverse physiological responses, such as the secretion of adrenaline instead of oxytocin, decreased oxygen to the baby, and tightening of the cervix. These responses can lead to fetal distress and “failure to progress” diagnoses, turning an otherwise normal birth into a medical event, solely because the mother didn’t feel safe and supported. It’s helpful to remember our bodies are always working in our favor. 

This stress response has served birthing mammals for millions of years, ensuring babies don’t arrive when the mother senses danger. These days, we can go into that “fight or flight” mode very easily, even when we aren’t actually in any physical danger. So a top priority is learning to keep your mind and body in a state of trust, no matter where or under what circumstances you birth. 

This is where HypnoBirthing comes in. In this class you’ll learn how to avoid that stress-response with yoga/relaxation/self-hypnosis tools to keep you totally calm and in control. Research has consistently shown that women who practice HypnoBirthing have easier, shorter labors and safer outcomes for mother and baby. Even in the event of a cesarean section, HypnoBirthing techniques are fully beneficial.

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Five Consecutive Sundays starting January 7, 2024, from 1-4pm EST


In this class, you’ll also benefit from an immeasurably rich and thorough education in physiologic birth and evidence-based data on many of today’s interventions and routine protocols. We’ll cite the statistical research to help you make decisions, and will prepare you even in the event that special circumstances arise (e.g. breech baby, preeclampsia, Group B Strep, gestational diabetes, early release of membranes, etc.). We’ll teach you how to best manage your relationship with your medical caregiver so that it’s more of an equal partnership, in which they advise and you decide. You’ll learn to quickly identify medical rhetoric and coercion tactics, and you’ll know how to ask the questions that will help you through any decision-making moment.

The NLM (National Library of Medicine) reports that HypnoBirthing correlates with improved outcomes by every metric, including greater comfort in labor, fewer hours in labor, and fewer days in hospital. Further, ACOG (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) reported that the relaxation techniques taught in HypnoBirthing result in measurably improved outcomes and should be encouraged and supported by hospital staff. Research has consistently shown that HypnoBirthing mothers have:

  • shorter labors by 3-5 hours
  • faster pushing/birthing stage by 26%
  • higher “normal birth” rates (fewer complications)
  • reduced incidence of preterm labor by 67%
  • fewer breech presentations by 45%
  • significantly lower use of Pitocin for induction and augmentation
  • less overall use of medical intervention by approximately 75%
  • lower emergency cesarean rates by more than 50%
  • higher infant APGAR scores
  • higher rates of breastfeeding ease
  • lower rates of postpartum depression

What You’ll Receive:

  • Live virtual classes, personally taught by Cynthia Overgard, including small-group time after class for personal questions and support

  • The HypnoBirthing text by Marie Mongan plus two audio downloads

  • A 50-page, color-coded and bound HypnoBirthing of CT proprietary book of birthing information and review materials

  • A set of custom birth affirmations

  • Direct email/text contact with Cynthia, even long after your class is over.

Effectively Partner with Your Provider

Learn your right to decline any test, procedure or intervention

Learn how to exercise your right to request different hospital staff, if necessary

Engage in effective communication, where you retain your autonomy

Learn how to phrase your questions so you get clear, straightforward responses

Create your own birth plan and ensure it is respected

  • Due dates and the actual risk to baby of “going too late”
  • Late-pregnancy ultrasound
  • Fluid levels too low
  • Babies “too big” and “too small”
  • Group B Strep
  • Labor induction
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Early release of membranes
  • IV in Labor
  • Aspirin, Evening Primrose Oil, and more
  • Prenatal, mid-labor and postpartum Pitocin
  • Eating in Labor
  • Birthing your placenta without interference or assistance
  • The safest positions for birth
  • Delayed cord clamping and bonding
  • Newborn Interventions (e.g. Vitamin K, Erythromycin)
hypnobirthing and understanding how fear affects labor

Prepare for an Easier Birth

The safest and easiest birthing positions

The three various calm-breathing techniques

Relaxation and self-hypnosis tools

Optimal fetal positioning

Tips and techniques for your birth companion

Significantly reduce potential discomfort

Overcome fear, doubt and anxiety

Build confidence and trust in your body

Learn the natural ways to induce labor

At the end of every Down to Birth Show episode, you hear me say:

Hear Everyone, Listen to Yourself. 

Your right to informed consent means each decision before, during and after your birth is in your hands. That may be an overwhelming concept initially. But once you’re well-informed, making decisions becomes easier. You’ll gain a clear vision of the birth you want, and you’ll create the intentions and boundaries that will guide you toward your safest and most satisfying birth. In class, you’ll witness the beauty of HypnoBirthing through photos and videos, challenging preconceptions of birth as traumatic or comedic. You may have been led to believe your birth is out of your hands and we’ll all “see how it goes”. That, too, is a false belief, which doesn’t serve us. Your medical caregiver might speak as though he or she is in charge of the decisions related to your pregnancy and birth, but neither is that statement morally, ethically or legally true. The truth is, you’re in control of your physiology and even your thoughts. And all decisions related to your pregnancy, birth and baby are yours to make. The degree of responsibility you’re willing to take for your birth will dramatically increase your likelihood of a beautiful, joyful birth experience. It has been my honor and joy teaching this class to more than two-thousand couples since 2007, and I would be delighted to know you and support you in your journey.

“It is the right – in fact, the responsibility – of every woman to plan her own baby’s birth with the information, honor and freedom to which she’s entitled.”

– Cynthia Overgard, 2007

[Publication: Taking Charge of Giving Birth, Pathways Magazine, 2007]

Cynthia, I can't thank you enough. You provided me with the techniques, personal attention and emotional support I was hoping for in preparing for as natural a birth as possible. And, I did it! HypnoBirthing educated my husband and me fully about today’s conventional medical practices, especially valuable for those of us choosing to birth in naturally a conventional hospital. I was empowered to recognize my choices and felt in control, safe and confident to voice my desires.
Kathleen Freis
My son was born into a beautiful room on a beautiful day. My husband’s memory is of a quiet labor in the light of the rising sun. I was both deeply inside myself and beyond the edges of the universe. The memory of his birth still brings me to tears. He was born, and I was reborn as a mother. I know two truths: one is that I was the only person in the world who could birth my own baby. The second is that I had a village of people who helped me overcome my fears and recognize my ability to birth. You’ve heard the metaphor about standing on the shoulders of giants? I felt I stood on the shoulders of those who came before me, a village of people holding my hand. Thank you, Cynthia, for being an enormous part of my birth experience, and for the work that you do to empower and uplift. You are a giant who is making a world of difference.
Jessica King
Cynthia, I'm writing you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful job you did teaching us HypnoBirthing. Over my career I've had the ability to have many of the world's foremost healthcare coaches in my profession. I can say I would sincerely rank you amongst the best, as you come from a place of such passion and knowledge. You have given both my wife and me the fortitude to have the birth that we dreamed of. Thank you again your warmth and knowledge. I believe that the process of bringing a baby into this world is the most important function that any of us can play and I believe, with your support, your clients get everything they can possibly need.
Damian Ortelli, D.C.
Cynthia, your HypnoBirthing class was absolutely every bit of what allowed me to remain so calm and in control during my birth. Looking back, I have to admit, I didn’t think I would actually be able to really do this without it. Everyone in the room was completely calm and quiet, and I only spoke when I had to. When Wesley came out of my body, my midwife put him up on my chest and I heard myself say, “Ooh, my gosh, a baby!” During the process, I felt naturally-drugged, if that makes any sense. It was amazing! Cynthia, you should know, your clients don’t just look up to you, we all love you!
Rebecca Velasquez
Peter and Ewan were born (just a few days after your breastfeeding workshop)! My membranes ruptured early on the 7th, and it was a long 53 hours until they were born Thursday! I am proud to say that they were born vaginally, Peter was head-down and Ewan was breech. Five OBs wanted to witness a vaginal breech delivery as they had never seen one before! I made it until Wed night using only the breathing techniques and switching up positions but, with no sleep and my energy sapped and I felt good electing to have an epidural. It allowed us all to sleep a bit and I could get some energy back for the double delivery the next morning. The births were amazing, and Thomas continues to tell everyone how amazing it was to watch a footling breech delivery. It was a festive atmosphere in the OR, as we had brought in our speakers to play my birth mix. We are so grateful to you and everyone who helped to make the entire labor and delivery a happy and memorable experience.
Megan K.
Cynthia is an outstanding instructor; a true educator. I felt powerless before taking this course. The way she taught this course changed my perspective on giving birth and truly empowered me. This class has been one of the best experiences in my life. My husband and I enjoyed every moment of it, and I would recommend everyone I know to work with Cynthia. I could go on and on raving about her course.
Tanya Hazelhurst
We had the most AMAZING birth, Cynthia! While I was in labor, I was so calm and relaxed, I actually fell asleep in between surges. I was that relaxed! When I started to feel the urge to push, I remember looking at the clock at that time and was shocked that 4 hours had already gone by. I had no concept of time during labor! Your class really opened our eyes to the kind of happy, calm birth that was possible. And thank you SO much for helping me realize it was worth considering switching practitioners. I had such a wonderful, supportive team. Akshay's birth was the most intensely happy moment of my life - one I will never forget! Thank you again - I couldn't have done it without you or your class. Feel free to share any part of this. I feel like telling everyone I know because it was such an amazing experience!
Archana Venkataraman
Hi Cynthia! I can’t thank you enough for preparing me for the all natural birth of our 2nd daughter. Since I had a long labor with our first and ended up opting for the epidural at the 18th hour, I really didn’t think I could have the birth story that I am about to share…but HypnoBirthing really worked for me and Eloise’s birth was the most amazing experience! Andrew was amazed at how calm I was. I focused and breathed through each surge. I had to tune everyone out, and just kept repeating the same affirmations in my head. My doctor was so respectful of my birth plan and knew that I had requested no cervical checks. Soon I was feeling a ton of pressure and had to push. I felt Eloise move down. My doctor said, "Whoa, you’re going to pass her head on the next push!” With the next surge I did! It was just 3 hours after arriving at the hospital, and 3 pushes! She was placed back on my chest and naturally rooted and breastfed for the first time. It was magical – the whole experience.
Alexandra Ralph
Hello Cynthia! We want to introduce you to Jude Paul, born Tuesday night at the birthing center in Danbury. He came out in an awe-inspiring water birth just 20 minutes after walking/crawling through the birth center’s doors. Thank you, once again, for providing us with the tools to have the birth that fit our family!
I wanted to let you know about my amazing birth with my son Connor! What an amazing experience it was! I know I couldn't have done it without the hypnobirthing techniques that I learned in your class! I can't thank you enough for all of the wonderful information I learned from you. When they told me I was 9cm, I couldn't believe it! I labored out of the tub for my last cm, and then they told me I was ready to get Connor out. I ended up pushing for only about 40 minutes, and out he came out weighing 8lbs 3 oz. It was sooooo amazing and unbelievable. I think that at some point I thought the laboring was going to get much worse, but it never did. It was very manageable. THANK YOU so much for everything, and I can't wait for you to meet little Connor!!
Lauren Ferris
Melissa's Testimonial BW
Cynthia, you helped remind me that birth is a natural experience not a medical one. The material you gave out to help practice the tools at home were also amazingly helpful in preparing for a successful natural birth experience. Your class is informative yet relaxing and makes the stress and worry about being a new mom melt away.
Melissa Joan Hart
Just wanted to take a few minutes to write you and tell you about our wonderful VBAC!!! Mike and I had our little boy Owen, who was 9 lbs. 10 oz.! It was a long labor and I think that he hypnobirthing that we were doing all along was helping me to relax and let my body gradually and gently open up so that I could have the easiest, best birth possible. We delivered when I was 41 weeks, 2 days, my membranes released at midnight and the surges started right away. By the time we got to the hospital just after 1:00 am, I was at 9 cm, and at 10 cm about 20 minutes after that. All in all Owen was born at exactly 2 am for a total of 2 hours of birth from start to finish (all natural). I couldn't have imagined doing it any other way.
Lauren Pace Specht
Hello Cynthia! I wanted to share with you a wonderful news - I had my HBAC (home birth after Cesarean) and delivered naturally an 8 pound 1oz baby boy on Dec 17th. My journey was possible because of you. I am still in awe of the whole experience!
Richa Gautam Menon
Lydia with Caption
Cynthia, I had a beautiful home birth to our second baby boy. In short, an all natural birthing experience out of a hospital setting is just wonderful. It is empowering, and the challenge of birth becomes a joy and your work rather than having it taken away from you and risking unnecessary intervention. I sometimes compare it to the joy, positive challenge and sense of empowerment that a marathon might bring...though it is much better. It is just so empowering, natural and wonderful. I am so excited for other moms to experience the same. I loved your class. The time seemed to fly by every session. Cynthia, I'm sure you change many people's lives with your classes and for changing mine I am very grateful.

Join the Upcoming Class

Five Consecutive Sundays starting January 7, 2024, from 1-4pm EST


The investment is for you and your partner, including materials