Birth Story Session

Giving birth is a profound experience that impacts us physically, mentally, and emotionally, shaping our life story and rewiring our thoughts. Processing these experiences can take over a year, leading to feelings of trauma, disappointment, resentment, regret, or guilt. If you find yourself stuck on certain details, questions or emotions — even after you’ve already thought-through or even talked-through your birth with others — that is often the best time to book a birth story processing session. In this private session, we’ll explore the “sticking points” that trouble you, addressing questions about your birth and its aftermath.

You’ll share your story and we’ll ask questions along the way. You may also have questions for us, such as: Was that intervention necessary, or could I have waited? Does it sound like my intervention [induction, C-section, postpartum Pitocin, rupture of my waters] was necessary? What could I have done differently? Do you think this outcome was potentially avoidable? Was I allowed to say no, and how do women do that? What if they threatened me about “refusing care” or going “against medical advice”? How can I file a complaint with my doctor or hospital, and would that even be worthwhile? How can I help my partner/family to understand why I’m still feeling this way? How can I come to terms with my birth experience and start to move forward? How can I decide if I’m ready or able to have another baby? Everything went the way I wanted, so how come I’m feeling a wave of sadness and guilt?

Whether you’re contemplating future pregnancies or struggling with postpartum anguish related to your birth, these sessions are a constructive opportunity for exploration and discussion, with the intention of bringing you a new degree of insight, peace and resolution. You may also attend this session with your baby in your arms, or with your partner during part or all of the session. Bookings can be private with me or can include Trisha Ludwig, Certified Nurse Midwife and IBCLC, for added clinical insight.

With Cynthia and Trisha - $325