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Prior to founding HypnoBirthing of Connecticut in 2007, Cynthia Overgard was a corporate executive and university professor. She first experienced HypnoBirthing in 2005 when she birthed her 8 lb. 14 oz. son, and again in 2009 with her 9 lb. 7 oz. daughter. Both births were natural and lasted only 3 and 5 hours, respectively. The simplicity and beauty of her babies’ births gave her the passion to dedicate herself to educating and supporting others through safer and more informed birthing. Today Cynthia is among the most featured childbirth education experts in global media, with her articles published in print-media in more than 70 countries and her podcast, Down To Birth, which has hundreds of thousands of global downloads. Cynthia has provided HypnoBirthing education to more than two thousand couples from around the US via her Zoom classes, which are offered 8 times per year.