Having Sex and Giving Birth: Two Physiologically Similar Functions

Photo Credit: Leslie Lowe @greenandgreyphoto

When we say childbirth and sex have more in common than any other two bodily functions, you may be mentally conflicted. Most of us have been conditioned to believe sex is inherently pleasurable and birth painful. So the mere suggestion seems absurd, even offensive. But to experience orgasm in either instance – or God forbid, assault – brings the two closer.

Whether birth or sex is pleasurable comes down to:

  • how much oxytocin she secretes
  • whether she’s in an intimate, peaceful space
  • her own position and that of the person within her body
  • the softness, ripeness, readiness of her interior organs
  • the degree of trust she feels with whomever is in her space

Imagine when we are held, stroked, touched softly; when we’re told we’re amazing, beautiful, and doing everything j-u-s-t right.

Imagine the physical and emotional satisfaction when all goes as intended in both. The relief; the sense of completion. How we float and move between powerful and vulnerable.

Imagine the loneliness if your lover, against their own will, were gone the very moment the experience came to completion. Poof – out of the room. Togetherness is a defining attribute of both sex and birth. We can feel empty, lonely and unimportant without it – because nature never intended for that.

Medical interventions – even when necessary, welcome and life-saving – are just that; they intervene. They become the thing we must overcome physically, mentally and emotionally. This “overcoming” drive is evidence of your deep awareness of what nature intended. A ringing phone, even if ignored, would alter the sexual experience. Or even one single word from your partner that doesn’t feel quite right.

Compare that to the interventions we can know during birth. Asking her to lie back is an intervention. Bright lights, even talking.

We all long for pleasurable sex and childbirth. It’s not a fluke when it happens. It was always nature’s intention.