Postpartum Soothe Kits

Postpartum Soothe™ is an herbal-blend that promotes easier and more comfortable healing after a vaginal birth.

Postpartum Soothe™ is a 100% organic, proprietary herbal blend applied to maternity pads for external use. A favorite product of herbalists and midwives, it provides natural, soothing relief to the perineum while gently stimulating healing.

In addition to experiencing relief upon contact, women reported a reduction in swelling and inflammation, itch-relief, and improved restoration in dermis elasticity.

Postpartum Soothe™ contains everything you need. Each kit is attractively packaged and contains 8 oz. of 100% certified organic herbs, a hospital-grade peri-wash bottle, two packs of Covidien Curity maternity pads (count = 28) and detailed instructions.

When it comes to a mother’s postpartum self-care, there’s nothing kinder to her body than Postpartum Soothe™

NOTE: External use only. Postpartum Soothe can be purchased any time during pregnancy and prepared in third trimester or postpartum. The FDA does not approve herbs. Please check with your doctor if you have questions about topical use of organic herbal blends.