Fourth Trimester Workshop

Cynthia and Trisha, hosts of the Down to Birth podcast, co-teach this workshop for couples in late pregnancy. 

Trisha covers: Recovering from a Vaginal Birth (Uterine Healing; Perineum; Breasts; Rectal & Bladder Issues; Abdominal/Pubis Symphysis); Recovering from a Surgical Birth (Wound Care; Uterine; Gastrointestinal); Normal Newborn Behavior, Milestones and Feeding Patterns; What to Expect beyond the Six Week Visit (Sex; Exercise; Contraception); Warning Signs and Things to Look Out For.

Cynthia covers: Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (Manifestations of PPD; Risk Factors; How to Screen; Why it Occurs; Who Can Get It; Getting Better. Also: Preparing Your Relationship for Postpartum/What To Expect; Tips and Strategies for an Easier Transition in Your Relationship; Identifying Needs; Myths and Misconceptions. What research shows us and where to get help.