Breastfeeding Class

Course topics include:

Anatomy of the breast; Hormones; Baby’s stomach capacity and common misinformation about baby’s needs

Stages of lactations; colostrum, engorgement and mature milk. 

Normal breastfeeding patterns: First 24 hours; First 3 days; First two weeks; Up to six months

How to know when baby is getting enough. Over- and undersupply; baby’s hunger cues; satiety cues. 

Common challenges: Resolving breast engorgement; hand-expression; nipple or breast pain; mastitis (preventing and resolving); slow weight gain; low milk supply; tongue-tie; oversupply

Hypoglycemia and jaundice

Delayed onset of milk coming in.

Booby traps: nipple shields; swaddling; pacifiers; bottles; supplemental milk.

How Labor and Birth Interventions Impact Breastfeeding and what to do about it: IVs in labor, epidural use; cesarean, Pitocin, postpartum hemorrhage; separation of mother and baby.

Formula: How to know when it’s necessary; how to use it; which are among the best quality worldwide and what to avoid.

Your Breastfeeding Rights – in society and the workplace

Baby-led weaning; Mother-led weaning

Videos of proper latch technique.

When to get support.